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    • was born in November 1982 by Piret Lett. It reborns again and again every autumn.
    • was the chance to learn dancing and dance steps for many students of The Tallinn Building and Mechanical Engineering School specialized on automobile service and building.
    • consists of young people. Most of them are students of The College of Engineering. But there are also students of Tallinn University, Tallinn Technical Universisty and other. They enjoy dancing and making others happy with their dance.
    • The dancing- master is Piret Lett and her assistant is Kaja Naarits.
    • performs folk-dances, mainly Estonian. But they also dance other styles in order not to get bored.
    • has taken part of The Nationwide Song  and Dance Festivals of Estonia, Youth Song and Dance Festivals and Students Song and Dance Festivals Gaudeamus.
    • has visited many Estonian villages and towns, but has also travelled in Finland, Russia, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, England and The United States of America.
    • has travelled around Estonia. They have had cycling tours and canoe journeys on the rivers.
    • are our parents, husbands, wives, children, friends, acquaintances and lots of people around Estonia.
    • learn, work, love, have fun, are in a hurry – they live.

Savijalakesed  jump and dance as lightly as birds, they sing and play with happiness and joy!